A commercial signed by "The future of SUVs by those who wrote its history".

A long history in the world of hybrid and plug-in suvs, the idea of presenting the values of the mitsubishi brand in a way coherent with the character of sport and off-road is born.

Mitsubishi is a brand committed to anticipate the trends of those who want to approach the world of SUVs, but they also aim to have a low environmental impact. Outlander Phev is the best-selling plug-in hybrid in Europe and is leading the way. Eclipse Cross the sporty SUV coupe and ASX the small SUV "for everyday explorer" are creating a trend getting increasingly relevant in the automotive world.

The ad created by the agency dynamically binds the various models of the SUV family, thanks to visual connecting elements between the car models and the road.

The given advertisement has been created to fit TV, printable and digital formats.