Advertising Spots and Company Videos for Effective Communication

We live in a dynamic and multimedia world. Every day we are completely immersed in new information. The ways to communicate continually evolve and are increasingly advanced. We cannot be left behind, otherwise we would risk to be devoured by competitors. Spreading your brand has become essential, but how can you do it effectively?

Striking in the heart of users has become a daily challenge. To be successful in this unstoppable
competition you must differentiate yourself and stand out from the others, adding value and quality to
each type of content.

People today have high expectations. This is why the use of images and videos to promote a company must be well thought out and structured.

The positive aspect of using these media is that the message becomes easy to understand by everyone and it can be modified for every type of audience. Images and videos are a rapid and direct tool. Actually we can say that we play on memory of consumers and their visual impact.

As a matter of fact, it is much easier that when we look at certain images these will be easier fixed in our memory compared to something written.

What is the purpose of creating corporate videos?

People do not fall in love only with the products or services of a company but they also love to know more about the history and philosophy that characterize it. And there is no better way to do it than explain these two aspects through a specific video. The video aims to excite, reach the hearts of people and conquer them.

Not just inform, even entertain. In this way it is easier for people to become loyal to the brand because they are involved on a sentimental level as well as having a concrete interest. The goal of each company is to create a stable relationship with costumers, with excellent foundations, capable of evolving and maintaining itself over time.

Corporate videos are not the only ones that aim at transmitting the story and information to users. There are also commercials that were born to sponsor the product first and after the company itself.

Communication in this area is direct and effective. It must aim to reach the emotional sphere first. The strengths of a spot are the slogans and the images, those that will remain in the memory of the readers.

Indeed, rhymed slogans or those that are created with certain music and effects are more likely to be
remembered and tend to remain etched in the mind of the user.

We must attract, create something unique and appealing. Only in this way we can reach success.

A new way of communicating involving the public

To create a new spot that is efficient and effective it is good to rely on a competent agency.

The reason for this choice is simple: only with the correct study and with a professional and specialized team behind the success can be achieved.

To create a commercial it is indispensable a first analysis of the potential customers interested in the
products that are offered. Only when you know precisely their interests and their personality can you
adopt the best strategy to hit the target or enter directly into the mind and heart of consumers.

Advertising is the marketing action par excellence, a concrete invasive technique that aims to attract new users. Without an initial plan it will be difficult to achieve the desired results.

Usually for the creation of these communication tools one must start from the idea. The basic idea must be innovative, modern, creative, original and unique. Based on this then we will move on to the actual project.

How to set up your campaign? How to make it different from others? How to stand out? Why does the customer should choose me?

The answers to these questions are not automatic, they depend on the relationship you want to have with the potential customer, how much you are willing to risk to attract his attention.

Every single detail that will be inserted inside the spot will be a trait that will represent the company itself. That's why structuring it well and choose carefully the right music is fundamental.

Internal and External Business Communication

Corporate communication is not only the external one, the one that you have with your potential and
non-potential customers, it is also internal to the company. With the latter we mean communication with employees. This could be the starting point from which start to develop a coherent and uniform
communication with the external public, even if they are commercial partners, customers or the media.

The image of the company is the first impact that is given to users. That is why it is necessary to take care of every single detail and to reflect on a strategy that is homogeneous for each channel. The goal is to be able to control the relationship with users by ensuring that maximum efficiency is reached and to attract even more customers.

The means used for effective communication are different, there is corporate design, corporate identity and corporate language.

The corporate design is the equivalent of the company logo which should be well structured and designed.

It must be included in any type of communication that is made by e-mail or letter. Corporate language is the specific tone of voice that characterizes every spot or video of the company, this is useful because in this way it is immediately recognized by every external user.

It must be uniform and original, unique for that company. Only by making the spots familiar and by
creating them tailored to each target of customers, it will be possible to reach their hearts, to touch their emotions and feelings. You should play on the affinity of costumers with the product through the
company philosophy and its own history.

Only in this way it will be possible to establish a long-lasting and strong relationship with customers,
making them completely loyal to your brand.

Investing in this sector a high budget is absolutely not a mistake. It is the way to significantly increase the reputation of your brand and to efficiently spread the quality of the products or services you offer.

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