Brand Identity: What really is?

What does Brand Identity actually mean? It concerns the aspects, the graphic andcommunicative elements of a company that are transmitted and disseminated throughthe brand

When we think of a brand, the first thing we imagine is the logo or an advertising spot that struck us and left its mark on us for music, graphics used in it or playing actors.

This is what we do. We create an attractive design for the main target of our company, an advertisement that attracts viewers, that intrigues them to go further and consequently buy that particular product.

The metaphor that can be used in this context is that of a child and a candy. Show it to him, describe how sweet it is and how special and unique is its taste. It will certainly induce him to snatch it from you to eat it, isn’t it?

This is a the core point of what a communication agency like Kube Libre does every day creating spots for companies that request it.

We design and use our creativity as a strategy for every company that requires this service. Make sure that people are attracted and become interested in what the company has to offer them.

Brand Identity, to ensure that the customer recognizes the product

Brand Identity is not just the name of the company, the so-called "naming". It is also made up of other
fundamental elements that we will now analyse one by one.
• The Logo of a company is its business card, it is added to each product. Creating a well-designed logo is a must, since it is precisely through it that the customer will be able to recognize the brand. Having a logo with not very bright colours, with a font difficult to understand, certainly does not help the spread of the brand. The customer, potential or not, must be able to recognize the brand and be able to distinguish it from others. Being original in the ideation also makes the difference.

• The Type Design is the choice of using a characteristic font designed specifically for a company. It will be used for all the products offered by that company. Owning a style of writing is fundamental and is another way to be more recognisable by customers.

• Digital Design is the choice of a customized logo also for the web. Taking care of every detail of your company is a key tool to emerge and stand out. Not even the slightest detail should be overlooked. It is essential to differentiate, spread originality, and make sure customers remember us.

• Broadcast Design is the design that is created specifically for TV channels or television programs. Every means of communication is different from the other, which is why there is the need to differentiate services based on the platform used.

What features should a good brand have?

It must be simple. We know that complexity is always the wrong choice. The easier a brand is, the more it will be recognized and appreciated by customers. Logos that are difficult to understand are therefore ugly to look at. This is why focusing on simplicity must be the first goal of every company.

It must be lasting. It is not possible to change the brand during the company life. It is better to have a logo and keep it "until death do us part." There have already been examples of design changes in a logo that have caused economic losses. The customer normally accustoms the eye to that type of design and writing. If at some point the logo changes, the customer will think that that specific company has failed because he won’t recognize on the shelves his favourite juice or the chocolate he has bought so many times. It is customary for the human eye to associate elements, the logo goes hand in hand with the company that uses it. So the choice of the logo is preferable to be not temporary.

It must be balanced. This means that it must use good symmetry, manage spaces well, and aim to attract consumers with attractive graphics.

It must be truthful. The space to be exploited is minimal, but it is precisely in these small boundaries that the soul of the company must be expressed, consistency is fundamental. Everything is played in a few centimetres of surface. Choosing to rely on a communication company for the complete creation of a Brand Identity is probably the best choice. Normally, companies that deal with this sector are made up of a team of specialized and experienced people who know which are the points that should be exploited to stay afloat.

Every company has competitors that it must overcome or with which it must still be able to fight on equal terms. This means good brand and excellent communication skills.

Brand Identity, Personal Branding and Marketing

The next step in creating a Brand Identity is Personal Branding, which is the act of influencing users to recognize the brand.

The process wants to identify the strong points that make the difference. This particular term comes from a statement by Tom Peters: "You're branded, branded, branded, branded. [...] Everyone has a chance to learn, improve, and build up their skills. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark”.

The meaning he wanted to convey back in 1997 was that everyone has the chance to be a noteworthy brand.

The secret is therefore to make the users aware, to transmit the usefulness of their products and services through targeted and effective advertising spots and an excellent design of their brand. The market today is increasingly heated and competitive, especially because there are many communication channels.

The challenge of every company is to stand out and emerge. Is it difficult? Maybe, if you act independently. By relying on an external organization like Kube Libre, success is guaranteed.

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