How to advertise online for companies: Advertising in 2019

The world is running and we cannot be left behind. In twenty years the way of advertising has completely changed

We can talk about a digital revolution. If until recently the most used media were paper, radio and
television, nowadays all this is only part of the past. A yellowed memory in our memory.

The virtual world has become popular and it has far surpassed the real one. Virtuality has literally
devoured reality, annihilated it.

The memory of the postman who came with offers and brochures looks like a scene from those black and white films of the past. But actually we are practically talking about the day before yesterday.

This revolution was very fast, we found ourselves digitized all of the sudden. But being digital, using the online platform as a showcase for the products we want to sponsor, it is not as bad as it seemed.

We quickly understood and learned the efficiency of this instrument, its comfort, the thousand and more functionalities that it has.

But now, in 2019, how can we stand out and emerge? What are the most effective methods for advertising online for companies? The answer is found in Social Networks and in Google.

In the end, we must aim for the most used platforms to reach as many people as possible.

Enlarge views to expand sales.

AdWords (Ads): the First Customer Search Tool

Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads are the two tools par excellence that are used to make known and to sponsor products online.

To understand perfectly how Google Ads works we need to start from the beginning: the results on Google when we type the words we want to search.

Normally the first results belong to Google Ads, they are paid listings that should be relevant and placed in the foreground.

Under the paying listings there are the organic results. They are there not because they paid some
advertiser but because they have an excellent SEO. But back to the first category, how to get there? All advertisers today can afford to advertise on Google. The necessary budget is not high at all.

The placement of these non-organic ads is determined by an algorithm that starts from the keyword
searched by the user on Google.

For those who want to undertake a campaign of this type, the first activity to do is to identify the right
keywords to use that must be related to their business activity.

The interesting aspect of this procedure is the fact that it is as if Google selected the ads to be shown precisely based on the target customers.

This can be seen as a business opportunity for every type of company that wants to sponsor their products to the right audience.

How to Create Google Ads: Step by Step

To make Google Ads you should open a free AdWords account. At this point it is good to brainstorm your business and the goals you want to achieve.

This tool is in fact functional and effective only if used in the best way. What do we want to get from this campaign? Brand Awareness or just an increase in sales?

Based on the answer to this question, we can search for competitors. Why? The reason is to understand which keywords they use for their campaigns.

It seems an easy and above all banal method but it is only by studying the competitors that we understand how to set up and create our own ads.

In addition to this, you can help with keyword analysis tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest. The keywords are essential, their choice involves a good or a bad success of the advertising plan. This explains why it takes calm and thoughtfulness.

Decisions taken too quickly lead to results below expectations. Another crucial point of a Google campaign is to determine the audience to whom we want to get the message.

Understanding what kind of people is potentially interested in our products or services is fundamental.

People have different hobbies and passions. If we identify the right group of people that might be attracted by what we offer, we have a lot of chances to sell and make a profit.

The way to understand people which, as we have said, is the first necessary step, is to exploit Social
Network platforms.

Who potential customers follow on Instagram? What do they comment on Facebook? Based on this then you can create an ad hoc advertising campaign and find the appropriate sponsors.

The Budget of an AdWords Campaign

First of all, define the daily budget. It allows you to avoid exceeding the desired threshold. It must be set an initial limit within which to stand.

The budget must be set according to the number of people who know and visit your page. The visitors who could become real customers.

The conversion rate depends on what kind of sector we are talking about. A study in America based on 256 companies has established that conversion rate is 9.21%. But this depends on the group of products that will be sold.

Advertisements and graphics in any case must be consistent with the line of services. To find what they are looking for, users write the keywords on the Google search bar and that's why it is fundamental to make a right initial analysis of them. You need to be able to identify yourself with the consumers and guess the magic word or words they will use to find your products.

Once this step is done, the results will be your Ads. This must be captivating and convincing. It must
persuade people to click and enter your site for learning more about your products. This process works only if the right words have been chosen. Words should attract, convince and inform the user as well.

What is the correct strategy?

- Short messages that get to the point
- A well-organized title, it is the first thing that users or potential customers read
- 80 characters available to describe what we offer and to say why we are better than our
competitors: let's use them well
- A clear call to action

After this preparatory phase we are ready to publish the announcement. Obviously the work does not end here, the result must be monitored regularly to assess its effectiveness.

Ads generate clicks, clicks lead to possible sales.

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