Vistaterra, Manital

The agripark surrounding the castle of Parella.

Brand strategy, brand identity, integrated communication.

Vistaterra is an innovative project aimed to recover the territory, which has become the core business of a start-up created by the Manital Group. In renewing an area in the canavese region covering a territory of 20 hectares of cultivated land, including the ancient Olivettiani gardens, which surround the Castle of Parella, we created an experiential wellness program. Here the restaurant, the cafeteria and the hotel are complemented with spaces dedicated to personal care with a Spa, a wine shop, shops for locally grown natural products, as well as a bio-lake and a vineyard capable of producing an Erbaluce DOC with a label named after the territory of Parella. This complex project required a Brand architecture able to bring the various activities together under a single strategic umbrella, making the various names and logos consistent with the Vistaterra mother brand.