BMW Motorrad. Discovered the system to stay young.

When BMW Motorrad asked us to develop a strategy for the early campaign, we had recently won the competition against the outgoing advertising agency and decided to make a break with the past by changing the paradigm of the opening season. In other words, analyzing the various insights of BMW’s hard and pure bikers, we realized that for some of them the bike should not be stored in the garage during cold periods, but is used on a regular basis. Riding a bike in the winter to take an Alpine pass or to see the winter sea is a source of pride; At the Elefantentreffen, for example, the toughest winter gathering for motorcyclists, there are more than 5,000 fans every year. Hence the idea that the fine weather is not only spring but also the time that makes you feel young on a motorcycle; so mud, snow and sand instead of being elements that ruin the skin, become the new ingredients for the care of beauty and youth of those who ride a bike. So we created a line of beauty and real products to become an integral part of the creative platform and communication campaign of BMW Motorrad, with remarkable approval results on social media channels.

Creative Direction: L. Nardi

Art Director: M. Engelbrecht

Copywriter: P. Lo Faro