Effeffe Berlinetta



Sometimes our job means to join in great adventures and this is exactly that time. Officine Fratello Frigerio makes its dream come true by giving birth to a Berlinetta committed to a selected group of enthusiastics. The company entrusts us the management of the whole communication, starting from a complete branding project.

Naming and logo design

Logo (double F) and naming ("Effeffe") are designed together. The inspiration comes from a historical memory that has seen the birth and the international success of the greatest sports car brands.

Brand image

Managing the project in all its totality has also led us to the creation of the master logo, the corporate logo and the corporate identity, up to the technical brochure.


After defining the brand identity, we brought the company online with a website designed to be a concrete representation of the spirit of passion and innovation that drives Officine Fratelli Frigerio’s work.