Corriere del Ticino


Corriere del Ticino as Centoventicinque

A strategic communication platform for its 125 years

The 125 years of the Corriere del Ticino actually start from CENTOVENTICINQUE (one hundred twenty-five): with the same type and dimension, in fact, Corriere’s name is replaced by its age and for the first time a newspaper has its years of experience as its sign, and this turns out to be the logo of the whole operation. This is the starting point of strategic celebratory activities, including special editions with covers illustrated by different artists, initiatives linked to the region, and self-promotional ads. The first special issue, on air September 28, is on air with a cover by Lucio Schiavon, Venetian artist and illustrator already known in publishing, which reinterprets the newspaper mission taking the cue from surrealism and representing it as a window that opens onto the Ticino. Mediamarket and Migros follow.
On the back cover of each special edition, Corriere del Ticino pays tribute to its partners with an illustrated page that reviews their historic advertising campaigns published in the newspaper during the 125 years of activity. The first partner is Zurich, whose the most recent campaign, revisited according to the operation philosophy, is present in the first special edition number.