Vistaterra Comunicazione


Integrated communication

From digital projects to print campaigns, communication speaks about Vistaterra and its potentialities.

In 2016 the format is natural and sympathetic, with a terracotta pot which becomes the symbol of a carefully cultivated and loving project. Two balloons complement the light style by creating a visual cage for the text articulated into two propositions that simulate a dialogue.

Plantable pencils are a special gadget made in keeping with the eco-friendly mood of Vistaterra.

The path from the launch of the project to the opening of the gates of the tourist site is made up of so many different stages that require the design of a unique communication format, simultaneously transversal to all the activities, able to also dialogue with the four architectural projects of the estate: the castle, the vineyard, the commercial activities, the park.

From 2017 the visual with the terracotta pot and the balloon has changed, in favor of more institutional communication, but the tone of friendly and ironic voice has been maintained.

The renewed communication format responds in a better way to the needs associated with the inauguration of Vistaterra, which required the opportunity to face the public with a more detailed storytelling of the ongoing events.