Mitsubishi ASX


Mitsubishi ASX. Everyday Explorer.

Mitsubishi ASX is preparing to reposition itself on the market with a new integrated communication campaign signed by Kube Libre. The strategy includes web presence, events, press, radio and two TV subjects.

Kube Libre and Mitsubishi present the new ASX communication platform.

The creative concept describes both Mitsubishi ASX and the character of those who choose it: it is the ideal car for those who can find adventure in everyday life, in and out of the city. 

This is how Mitsubishi ASX, the Active Smart Crossover, is born. Everyday Explorer.

Everyday Explorer is the mindset of those who look at the world with inquisitive eyes and love to travel and search for new challenges. 

Mitsubishi ASX is the crossover for those who want to find out where every road leads to. Even fantasy roads. 

Because there are no roads already traced for those who want to be Everyday Explorers.