Dayco Calendar

2018 Calendar

A calendar that celebrates Dayco, a company leader in the automotive sector, combining the letters that make up its name to some of the most recognizable products, (belts, tensioners, ...) and creating, at the same time, a reference to the most famous automotive icons.

2017 Calendar

Representing the automotive path during the time and simultaneously pay homage to it: this is the purpose of the 2017 Dayco calendar, that celebrates models that have worldwide made the automotive history. Through a creative reinterpretation of the original vintage advertising pages illustrated by the artist Lucio Schiavon, Dayco goes through the car history and is itself about history, from its 110 years of activity alongside the leading car companies of all time, conveying the principle that cars are not only vehicles, but they represent passion, hard work and creative thinking.

2016 Calendar

The new Dayco calendar is made in collaboration with the artist Lucio Schiavon and tastes of effort, dust and gasoline. Starting from endurance races, art and graphics recreate circuits and cars that have become a legend. This theme works as a metaphor for Dayco and its engines, succeeding even in the most extreme performance.

2015 Calendar

Dayco calendar suggests a 365 days long lasting journey between international city through extraordinary art illustrations, bringing out the philosophy of a company that made the movement its raison d’etre.

2014 Calendar

A whole year dedicated to the most famous cities that have hosted important car races: this is the 2014 Dayco calendar, that carries the power of the movement around the world and guarantees high quality standards without borders.